After the harvest, the tosai are back in their mud pond.
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The young ki shusui are eighteen months old and those with potential as future breeding stock are returned to the mud for another year. Yahooo!

Autumn leaves on water. :) It is with tremendous relief that I return the best junior koi to the mud where they will winter over under the ice. They will have fresh well water pumped in at the rate of 14,000 gallons a day and with luck, they will find a warm spot on the bottom of the pond for their winter fast. Come March 2014, the water should begin to warm up and by May, life should be good in the lower pond. In these photos, taken in November 2014, I am feeding manda fu, a fruit-based, low protein food to give them a little nourishment after the stress of the harvest. Pictures of the ki shusui with their siblings in the last days of 2013. :) 

Update: It is April 2014. It has been a brutal winter and I am not yet feeding the fish. Water temps on April 2 are low to mid-40s. Looking for warmer temperatures later in the week and will post pictures of the F1 ki shusui ASAP!

We will be spawning these F1 youngsters in the Spring of 2015. They may not go with the game plan and if they spawn on their own, we will post pix of the offspring, aka F2 generation. Watch this space!