Ki Shusui Harvest 2013
A terrific day !

The 2013 harvest of the midori and ki shusui was a big success. Three dozen young ki shusui with real potential were returned to their mud pond on 10-13-13. With good luck, they will have a mild winter and spawn the next generation of ki shusui in 2015.

Right, slide shows 
of these promising koi
, and scenes from the "pull."  

Photo credit to Karen Triebel who did a fantastic job of capturing the beauty of these fish.

Heather Thomson Wilkinson heroically pulled the pond with a little help from the local crew: Kenny Farber and Fred Zimmer. She also stood in cold water all day long without hardly a whimper :-) Thanks, Heather!

Thanks to the rest of the ground crew; Rob, Mark, Sean, my husband, John Duffy and a salute to our good friend John Clark. Also special thanks to Team Ki, my online friends from and their friends on facebook who cheered us on during the harvest.

I hope you enjoy the show!

All best wishes,
Maxine Paetro
Oct. 14, 2013
Pictures from the 2013 ki shusui harvest
Photos of the 2013 catchLaughing 

Hatched in May 2012, photographed in October 2013 by the talented Karen Triebel, these young koi are the F1 generation of Ki Shusui and kawarigoi. 

This was a tremendously exciting day. Due to the opacity of the mud, we hadn't had a good look at these fish in many months and when they were harvested, we could see that there had been significant changes in their development!! 

Breaking News!
Our best three ki shusui won top places at Koiphen's Virtual Koi Show Jan. 11, 2014, taking 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in their size class. The fish at the top right of this page took first place and was also awarded "Most Unique."  

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 Happy day at the harvest :)

Link to ki shusui back in the mud.


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