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Welome to the October 2018 Harvest of the Second generation (F2)  in our dedicated Ki Shusui line. Header photo: Breeder with stand-out offspring called "Legacy" is Very Pleased. :)

John Clark of Northeast Aquatics in Rhinebeck, New York, pulls the nets, while guests look on. After the fish have been pulled, I sorted the koi looking for the best ki shusui for future parents of the next generation.  
The Plan was to sort out the best  from the hundreds and place them in the Lower Pond where they were conceived, hatched and grown on. In the end, exhaustion and algae won out and doing the best we could, the lucky 90 of 700 or so ended up in the Lower Pond, 135,000 gallons of flow through well water with no competition for resources -- except from their siblings.
The ki shusui who did not have to fight off larger fish for their food were fed three times a day during all of 2018 from the time the water was warm enough to feed. They are twice the size they were in May 2018, and also approximately twice the size of their 600 brethren split between the two other ponds that were well populated by other koi. So, one can conclude on this limited sample that these selected fish had a better time of it! 
Bottom line:
We have many promising candidates for the next and most important spawn. I'll post some photos as we push on with the Ki Shusui Project in New York.
Thanks for hanging in. Laughing
Maxine Paetro
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Maxine Paetro