Ki Shusui Harvest           2014  
Future parents of the 2015 ki shusui spawn have been identified. :)
Twenty-eight koi were selected last year as the short list of potential oyagoi for the 2015 spawn. We have harvested those koi and brought the number of potential parent koi down to three females and four males who have the best traits to pass on to the next generation of ki shusui. 

We looked for good conformation, lustrous skin and strong dorsal scalation, and a lateral ki pattern. If a fish was lacking in one of these qualities, we made sure that the lacking quality was present in a fish of the opposite sex. 

The first three pictures below are of the ladies, the last four are of the boys.:)

Pictured below are the chosen seven oyagoi -- all together. They were released back into the mud, 10-13-14. Yay!
Click photo to go to Youtube video of fish swimming.
Click on the fish, above, for a 20 second video of these fish swimming.
Scenes from the pull
Candid shots from October 8, 2014 pull, and after that, see the twenty-eight short listed koi in the intex. Two days after these photos were taken, the 28 were sexed and culled to the final seven. The 21 who did not make the cut are in the Big Pond where they will grow on, and we can see how they develop.

The top seven are back in their own pond where they will be spawn in the spring of 2015 and with luck give us the F2 generation!

Below: The short list of twenty-eight potential oyagoi, set aside and later sexed and culled toward the final seven, that are now swimming free in their own 150,000 gallon pond!
The seven chosen fish back in their pond! If fish can feel happy, they are happy! I hope they fall in love -- if fish can feel love :) -- and produce many pretty babies in 2015. Scroll to the bottom of the page to see fish swim! 
Click on YouTube link below to see nineteen seconds of ki shusui oyagoi swimming in clear water after the harvest. We won't see this again until spring, 2015!
Click on the fish below and to read "The Elusive Ki Shusui" a magazine article about this project in Main Street Magazine, November 2014. It's good!
Click to read "The Elusive Ki Shusui."
ki shusui
Click to see 10 minute video of koi selection
Click on the pair of fish above to see the 10 minute video of sexing the koi. 
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