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Harvest 2019 -- Mind Blowing!
The 2019 Harvest almost blew my ki shusui lovin' mind. :) Seeing these jumbo-sized ki shusui all in one place, well, see me glow. LOL

In May 2017 we had a "mother lode" spawn in the Lower Pond. Of the 7,000 fry we harvested in October that year, more than 6,000 were rehomed and the remaining 750 were split between three ponds.

The best third stayed in the Lower. In Oct. 2018 we redistributed most of the best and kept 90 in the lower to grow on and choose from for future oyagoi. They were roughly four inches long. See tab for May 2018 Tosai.

Now, October 2019, the koi in the tub above, F2   (second generation) of the orignal Japanese parents and have been loved up in 135,000 gallons of flow through water and nutritious food twice a day. They are now 16 inches and as my friend John Clark says, "fat." Yeah!

In other words they thrived. ;)  
Below, another shot of the 83 we captured of 90 and a dozen and a half of those for close-ups in a bowl for your review. :)
Snaps from the Lower Pond pull
October 2019
But wait -- There's more. Two weeks after pulling the Lower Pond, we pulled the Learning Curve Pond. This Pond holds some elderly pets and is also where I placed 250 of last years 2nd and 3rd choices. 

To our surprise, some of those culls looked wonderful. They are still about 12 inches whereas the kids in the Lower Pond are 16 inches, but this can be remedied by giving them a new berth in the Lower.

Below, showing a sampling of "culls" now moved up to 1st class. They, as well as their siblings, will be reviewed in May 2020 when once again, we choose the best for oyagoi.Laughing 
Here are the surprise cull ki shusui all in a plastic tub. Below, they are being relocated to the Lower Pond where they were spawned and hatched and where ninety of their siblings call home. :)
To join a website for koi lovers, I strongly recommend  
It's fun, it's free, and a great koi community.
Click on the WWKC logo or link just above. 

Hope to see you there!
All best fishes,
Maxine Paetro
My thanks to all the folks who made this project possible. First and foremost, John Clark of Northeastern Aquatics in Rhinebeck, New York, for pulling the nets, enduring many conversations about fish, fish, fish. :) and for taking and rehoming my thousands of culls who don't make the final cut. Also thanks to David Farren for counting fish, to Sean Arsenault and Monty McAllister for setting up, packing down, carrying water and sometimes me! To Phil Balshi for his fab professional photos and to my stepson, Brendan Duffy who has added much enjoyment to the muddy pulls, singing Gloriaaaah and shooting individual koi photos. 
And thanks, too,to my many friends on and to those of you who've written to me about this project.  Laughing

Sorry to say, we do not sell koi = or anything else. is a documentation of my line breeding project to produce ki shusui on demand.

We are one generation away from standardizing this variety and hoping for smooth cruise to projected date of 2020 to 2021 spawn of the F3 generation.